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We can do an express analysis of urine and blood for inflammation on-site, the result is within 5 minutes!

How we can help you

We will choose the most suitable diet for you and help you to control hunger. We also use modern drugs
Using low-carb nutrition and other methods, we will reach the optimal level of sugar
Based on the latest scientific knowledge, we will examine you and select the optimal lifestyle for longevity
We will examine you and make tests your doctor usually does not perform, we will try to find the cause and solution of the problem
Heartburn, pain, bloating, intolerance to certain foods...We are eager to help!
We treat adults and children from birth. Prevent and treat different acute and chronic diseases. Issue health certificates. Extend prescriptions.
Insulin resistance is often the root cause of this condition - we will find it out
The cause of complaints or changes in lab. tests may be different health issues or their combinations
Clinical holistic medicine goes back to Hippocrates. Holistic medicine considers the person as a whole in the treatment and prevention of disease in the physical, psychological, social and spiritual terms. Holistic medicine is not alternative medicine, on the contrary, the holistic approach covers many branches of modern medicine and can also include alternative branches of medicine.
Sergey Saadi, founder of the clinic

We provide a wide range of services

  • Weight loss and treatment of type 2 diabetes
    Expert advice on weight loss, treatment of type 2 diabetes in adults and children
  • Healthy eating and nutrition

    How to maintain a balanced diet? We will share our knowlegde with you.
  • Interpretation of analysis

    The most thorough interpretation of your test results
  • Sports and lifestyle
    Advice on lifestyle changes and sports. Choosing the best workout for your health
  • Prescribing of medications
    Choosing necessary medicines and food supplements to prevent and treat diseases and prolong your life
  • Prescription renewal
    Prescribing and renewal of prescriptions, including for catheters, orthoses, compression underwear, etc.
  • Doctor visit
    Consultation of a family doctor or a general practitioner, including health check and treatment of adults and children of all ages
  • Health certificates
    Issuing of different types of medical cetificates, incl. for getting a driver's license
  • Referral letters to other specialists

    Referral for specialist consultations. With our referral, you can get an appointment with a specialist doctor at the hospital for 5 euros, as if you were referred by your family doctor
One of our core principles is to use food as medicine wherever possible to improve the health and well-being of our patients.
Sergey Saadi, founder of the clinic

What we will advise you

that you have never advised before
  • Eat 1-3 times a day
    Limiting the eating window to 6-8 hours and reducing the frequency of meals is at the part of the treatment and prevention of many health problems.
  • Eat food, that is usually forbidden
    We will advise you to safely eat lard, butter, fatty sour cream and many other healthy foods.
  • Replace long runs with HIIT
    HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is used by famous athletes and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts to improve their health.
  • Introduce yoga and tai chi into your daily life
    The practice of relaxation and balancing the energy in the body is the key to longevity.
  • All of this is scientifically proven
    ALL of our recommendations are confirmed by scientific research and are used by doctors around the world!
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